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Module-01: Understanding Google Tag Manager

  • What is Google Tag Manager & How it works?
  • Why need Google Tag Manager?
  • Difference between Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
  • Account Structure of Google Tag Manager
  • Components of Google Tag Manager (Tags, Triggers & Variables)
  • Introduction to GTM Built-in and User Defined Variables
  • How to Install Google Tag Manager on a Website?
  • Introduction to Data Layer  in GTM for Dynamic Parameters

Module-02: Google Ads Tracking via GTM

  • Google Ads Conversion with purchase value tracking
  • Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Website
  • Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Mobile site
  • Setup Google Ads Remarketing tag

Module-03: Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager

  • Install Google Analytics 4 with Tag Manager
  • Ecommerce tracking in GA4 with Tag Manager
  • Button Clicks Tracking with Tag Manager
  • Form Submission tracking with Tag Manager
  • Contact form 7 tracking with Tag Manager
  • Phone no clicks tracking with Tag Manager

Module-04: Facebook Pixel Tracking via GTM

  • Integrate Facebook base Pixel with website
  • Facebook Standard Events tracking
  • Facebook Custom events tracking

Module-05: Other Channel Tracking

  • Setup LinkedIn Marketing tag
  • Setup Twitter Marketing tag
  • Setup Pinterest Marketing tag
  • Setup Hotjar tag

Module-06: Earning Scopes with Google Tag Manager Skills

  • How to Prepare & Create Fiverr GIG for selling GTM Services

Course Curriculum

Understanding Google Tag Manager
Lesson-01 Overview of Advanced Google Tag Manager Course – GTM FREE 08:00:00
Lesson-02 What is Google Tag Manager – How does it work FREE 00:10:00
Lesson-03 Advantages of Google Tag Manager – GTM 00:05:00
Lesson-04 GTM Account Structure – Components (Tag-Trigger-Variable) of GTM 00:08:00
Lesson-05 How to create Google Tag Manager Account & Multiple Containers 00:10:00
Lesson-06 User Management in GTM – How to take GTM access from Buyer 00:09:00
Lesson-07 How to install Google Tag Manager on a Website (WordPress) 00:13:00
Google Ads Conversion Tracking with GTM
Lesson-01 How to setup Google Ads Conversion Tracking via Tag Manager 00:30:00
Lesson-02 Understanding Data Layer – Setup Google Ads purchase value (dynamic) tracking 00:19:00
Lesson-03 Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Website via GTM 00:09:00
Lesson-04 Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Mobile site via GTM 00:05:00
Lesson-05 Setup Google Ads Remarketing Tag via GTM 00:07:00
Google Analytics 4 With Google Tag Manager
Lesson-01 How to install Google Analytics 4 via GTM – How to publish & test tags in GTM 00:23:00
Lesson-02 Understanding Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics 4 – GA4 00:15:00
Lesson-03 Step-by-step Ecommerce Tracking Setup in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) via GTM 00:58:00
Facebook Pixel Tracking Via GTM
Lesson-01 What is Facebook Pixel – Why need Facebook Pixel for Digital marketing 00:08:00
Lesson-02 How to setup Facebook Base Pixel (Standard Way) on Website 00:28:00
Lesson-03 Setup Facebook Pixel Purchase Event with Dynamic Value Tracking 00:32:00
Lesson-04 Setup Facebook Pixel Add to cart event with Dynamic Value tracking 00:18:00
Lesson-05 Setup View Content Facebook Pixel Event with Dynamic Value Tracking 00:18:00
Lesson-06 Setup Facebook Pixel Conversions Events for iOS 14 Update – Connect Pixel with Catalogue 00:13:00
Lesson-07 Setup Facebook Pixel Checkout Event via GTM 00:07:00
Lesson-08 Setup Facebook Pixel Search Event via GTM 00:07:00
Others Channel Tracking
Lesson-01 Setup Hotjar Tracking code on Website via GTM 00:14:00
Lesson-02 Setup LinkedIn Insight Tag with Google Tag Manager 00:09:00
Lesson-03 Setup LinkedIn Ads Conversion(Purchase) Tracking (Event Specific & Insight Tag) via GTM 00:13:00
Earning Scopes With Google Tag Manager Skills
Lesson-Last Create Fiverr Gig to sell Google Tag Manager skills as a service 00:19:00
Last Update
Setup Google Tag Manager, GA4, Google Ads Conversion Tracking on Wix 00:44:00
Setup Facebook Pixel Standard & Custom Event with GTM in Laravel Site 00:42:00
How to Use & Setup Microsoft Clarity with GTM on Website – Replacement of Hotjar 00:16:00

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    No 1 course in the world. Very very advanced what i ever seen.

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    Thank you Shamim bhai.

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    Best ever course completed in my life

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  26. Great course, but some module need to update.


    In ‘Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager’ module Lesson-03, Ecommerce tracking in GA4 via GTM module is not up to date. when creating a GA4 event, there is a new option named ‘More Setting’. From there we can just select ‘Ecommerce date’>DataLayer option to send dataLayer information to GA4. It’s new. This is a very simple way. Please update this module.

    In ‘Facebook Pixel tracking via GTM’ module, lesson-06, configuration of ‘Aggregated Event Measurement’ has been removed. Facebook offically saying “The aggregated Event Measurement tab in Meta Events Manager has been removed because you no longer need to configure your web events.”

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